Salsa Fusion

Salsa was called by its name because like the sauce it is a mix of many music styles and dances. One of the Beautiful things about Salsa is how easy it to fuse elements from other styles to create a new style of Salsa.

This course will deal with both traditional and new style fusions. Some fusions. Rumba for example, are the traditional kind, the ones that come from Cuban culture and influenced the creation of Salsa in the first place. Other fusions are completely separate from the Cuban Culture, but that’s makes it only more unique when it’s integrated well.

The Course

The course includes 9 lessons. Each class will focus on another type of Fusion. The classes focus on Solo dancing & Styling consisting each time of technique practice and a choreography.

  1. 2/1 – Salsa Cubana footwork con Salsa Colombiana Footwork
  2. 9/1 – Salsa con Hip Hop / Afro
  3. 16/1 – Salsa con Rumba
  4. 23/1 – Salsa con Mambo
  5. 30/1 – Salsa con Ballet
  6. 6/2 – Salsa con Reggaeton
  7. 13/2 – Salsa con Shuffle Dance
  8. 20/2 – Salsa con Afro
  9. 27/2 – Salsa con Pachanga
  • The Content or the date of the content may change.

The Teacher

Your teacher will be Ido Flaishon. He has been dancing and teaching for over 10 years. In addition to his deep fascination with the Cuban culture and their dances he is always enthusiastic about fusions to create a new look for the dance.

More information can be seen here.

The Details

Time: 9 Weekly meetings, Wednesdays 20:00-21:30, starting at the 2.1.18 and finishing at 27.2.18.
Schedule: 9 Weekly meetings, 90 minutes each
Location: First Floor Studio – Prenzlauer Promenade 189, 13189 Berlin

Early BirdRegular PriceLast Minute
until 05/12until 27/12
Full Course120 Euro130 Euro140 Euro
5 Classes Package80 Euro
(+16  Euro per extra class)
80 Euro
(+17 Euro per extra class)
85 Euro
(+17 per extra class)
Drop-in / One Class18 Euro18 Euro18 Euro

Promoter Discount: If you bring 2 new students – 25% off, 3 new student – 50% off, 5 new students – free of charge.

  • The number of participants is limited to 20 students, if you want to ensure your place please sign up in advance.
  • The course will open with a minimum of eight participants.
  • Cancellation Policy

Who is it for?

The course is flying through different styles, and while we will invest some time improving our technique many of the dances require more effort and slow paced work for a dancer with limited experience.

For this reason, the course is meant for experienced dancers. Half a year dancing is usually a minimum, with about a year of experience recommended at least. Comfort with Salsa steps is a mandatory as basic steps will not be explained.

Why is the course so long? / I cannot commit to all period

You don’t have to. Each class is a standalone class.

Signing up for the entire course will give you a taste platter of the many possibilities Salsa allows. The more you know the better you can express yourself and the music.

Sign up

To sign up or for any question, You can contact me through email or via phone 01763-444-9686