La Candela Salsa Program / “Which level am I?”

La Candela teaches in courses system. We strongly believe that this system contributes to improvements. Also, it helps to make sure you will have a partner through the course.

Each course is 8 classes. Each level takes it into account that you know the material of the previous level, coming without this knowledge will prove difficult. We do repeat important parts of the previous level, but it will be done rather fast just to serve as a reminder. Some levels are broken into two parts – Part 2 is not dependent on part 1 in this case.

BeginnersImproversIntermediate IAdvanced IMaster
Intermediate IIAdvanced II

Level Explanation

This might give you a very vague idea of what each level is about. For more information check out the specific course. If you are unsure of your level still we can asses your ability while dancing with you, so if you need that assessment please contact us.

  • Beginners Transform you from a human to a dancer in eight classes. deals with the basic steps, rhythm catching, and small combinations. (Key example elements: Guapea, Dile Que No, Enchufala Doble, Kentucky)
  • Improver deals with the core elements of Cuban Salsa which are the foundations for 90% of all moves. This is probably the most important level. (Key example elements: Vacilala, Coca-Cola, Exhibela)
  • Intermediate Building upon the core elements to practice Common repeating elements, adding a few more core elements. Also Introducing to Cuban Salsa concepts, styling, and fusion dances. (Key example elements: Sombrero, Setenta, Paseala)
  • Advanced – deals with longer combinations, adding small quirks that make the combination unique and beautiful. Further, more detailed work will be done on styling and fusion dances. Finishing this level, you know all that you need to be a salsa dancer. It doesn’t mean you can’t get better and better 😉 (Key example elements: Paseala Complicado, Dedo Complicado, Setenta Nuevo)
  • Master – The highest level of combinations, dealing with a high level of styling, musicality, fusion dances. Anything can happen in a Master class, and you can never finish this level. Each class will be challenging and will improve your dance in different aspects.

I am dancing for a long time but I never took classes, which level should I go to?

This is very individual,  But in our experience, dancers that “go with the flow”  often overestimate their level. To dance complicated combinations well a good foundation is a must, and unfortunately “going with the flow” is more often than not creates many bad habits.

While the improvers level might feel easy as a whole, in the beginning, it might become clear soon enough that many steps need to be corrected, and it’s not an easy task to stop bad habits. If you have the patience to improve, even beginner level might give you many points to improve and will ease you up towards the improver level.

Should I repeat a course?

This is highly individual. If you go to practice in parties the material you learn, you probably won’t need to repeat a course.  Practice is key!

BUT! By all means – YES! The best dancers always go back to basics to see what they can improve, even we do. Repeating a course, you will be able to notice better all the small details. We do give a big discount to whoever chooses to repeat a course – because we want you to be a better dancer!