Son Cubano Bootcamps!

Son – The Dance

A popular Cuban couple dance corresponding to a music genre by the same name that was initiated in the 1920’s. Much of what the salsa music and dance today is due to developments taken from the Son dance. But while there are similarities there are some differences. The music is slightly different giving a strong accent to the off beats. Many songs you might consider salsa are actually Son, and a dancer with a careful ear should know it is time to dance Son rather than Salsa. The dance itself has similarity to Salsa, but it much more formal and elegant and includes some elements that are seen in Salsa not as often.

The boot camps will mostly focus on Son Moderno, a version of Son that promotes more equal interest between leaders and followers, but it shares much with the original Son. Learning this, you will enrich your understanding of the Cuban music and culture, and be able to dance to many songs that are actually Son and not Salsa. But more than that, improving your Son means also improving your Salsa. Many of the elements and much of the elegance that are characterizing Son can be easily translated to Salsa.

I have to leave you with the famous Son song that everybody loves, Chan Chan by Social Buena Vist Club:

The Bootcamps

We will hold 3 Boot camps at different levels. The boot camps, for the most part, will stress practicality and will focus less on pre-made choreographies. each will have the following schedule:

12:00-14:00 – First Class
14:00 – Break (Also time for questions and dancing)
14:20-16:15 – Second Class
16:15-16:30 – Practice time and questions

Son – Fundamentals – 10/3/19 Sunday

This Boot camp is great for anyone that wants to try Son for the first time, or for whoever wants to improve his or her fundamentals. In order to participate you should have at least an intermediate knowledge level of Salsa, as some elements (such as Dile Que No or Vacilala) will not be explained.

During the first part, we will discuss the musicality of Son and practice different technique to dance “Contra Tiempo” (On 2) with the Son “Feel”. Then we will go through key principles in Son and over a few beautiful and simple elements.
During the second part, we will focus on slightly harder elements.

  • This Boot camp repeats material from our previous full course, so if you attended the course you are eligible for a discount.

Son – Intermediate – 17/3/19 Sunday

This Boot Camp is great for learning more core elements of the Son dance. You should be relatively comfortable with Son timing in oder to attend the boot camp.

We will go through intermediate level elements, talk about how to stylize the basic movements, and train basic level of Tornillos.

  • This Boot camp partly repeats material from our previous full course, so if you attended the course you are eligible for a discount.

Son – Advanced – 30/3/19 Saturday

In this Boot Camp, we will deal with more advanced elements, styling of simple elements, and a clean flow between elements. at the second part, we will also practice advanced forms of Tornillos.

The Details

Location: Vivace Studio – Nollendorfstra├če 11, 10777 Berlin
Teachers: Ido & Maria (click for more details)

Early Bird
Fundamentals – until 27/2
Intermediate – until 4/3
Advanced – until 18/3
Normal PriceThe day before
One Boot Camp50 Euro55 Euro55 Euro
Two Boot Camps (In advance)95 Euro105 Euro115 Euro
Three Boot Camps (In advance) 135 Euro140 Euro155 Euro

“Bring your friend” Discount: If you bring 2 new students – 25% off, 3 new student – 50% off, 5 new students – free of charge.
Previous Son Students Discount: If you were signed up to our Full Son Course before you are eligible for 40% Off for the Fundamentals Bootcamp, and 25% Discount for the Intermediate Bootcamp. (Up to 4 people can get this discount per bootcamp)

  • The number of participants is limited, if you want to ensure your place please sign up in advance.
  • Each boot camp will open with a minimum of eight participants.
  • Cancellation Policy

Who is it for?

Fundamentals Boot Camp – Son is considered a bit harder to learn than salsa as it requires control and a deeper understanding of timing, music, and precision of movement. While anybody can join without any prior experience and limited Salsa expereinec if they are invested, it is highly recommended to have some confidence in Salsa (doesn’t matter which kind) before approaching Son. Typically it is recommended to be at least intermediate level dancer in Salsa.

Intermediate Boot Camp – You should feel relatively comfortable dancing on two, and some experience dancing Son. We still recommend attending the Fundamentals Boot Camp though, as it goes deep into the fundamentals of Son.

Advanced Boot Camp is intended for dancers with some experience in Son that have taken at least 5-10 classes in Son. Basic understanding of Tornillos is expected. The pace of the boot camp will be faster, so be true to yourself and your level. (If you finished our Full Son Course, this level should be fine)

Sign up

To sign up or for any question, You can contact me through email or via phone 01763-444-9686