Burning for salsa?

La Candela school is a Cuban Salsa and dances school that works within Berlin. The lessons are given mostly on courses basis with the belief in mind that growth is achieved through regular practice.

Why join our courses? Our Courses are on Fire

  • Professional – Our Teachers are professional┬ádancers and were trained to teach. We care about the teaching method just as much as the material. We want you to improve and understand how to do so.
  • No Mysteries – We believe the path to dancing great stems from knowledge. There are no mysteries in La Candela’s classes. You will receive full details of each movement and every step to dance like a pro.
  • Structure – Each course is carefully planned to be interesting and with a scaling challenge. We always bring something new to push our advanced dancers one step forward.
  • Equal Interest – We make sure that each class has 50/50 interest for women and men – from basics to master level classes, you will always learn something new in our classes.
  • Fun – We are all mega fun teachers ­čÖé
  • Connections – We strive to create a community, so you’ll make connections, dance together, and have the opportunity to practice outside of class.

Are you in?

Check out our available dancing courses.

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