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La Candela is a school operating within Berlin. We offer Salsa classes & Cuban dance classes for all levels, from absolute Beginners and to the greatest dancers. We are all passionate souls about Cuban Salsa and we love passing out our passion for it.

Our Salsa Program is a series of structured courses with 25+ years of thought & experience behind it. Within 8 classes you could already dance on the dancefloor with confidence, even if you have two left feet. But the program extends to over two years of structured classes and by the end of them, you should have all the tools to dance like a pro.

Our closed group format lets us advance with the group, getting to know each other and making friends while having fun learning the dance. We also put a lot of effort into our methodology and if you trust us with your time we will give you all those small secrets that make a huge difference and no one seems to talk about.

One thing you will notice by joining us is that La Candela is not your standard school. When you join us, you join an adventure because we want to pass you not only our knowledge but also our passion. Trust us, we give some of the best classes in Berlin, but we also take you to party with us, go to festivals with us, and help you become a part of our community.

Are you an advanced dancer? Well, jump on board. We always have plenty of activities to help you take your dance one step further – Salsa, Afro Cuban dances, traditional Cuban dances, body movement, musicality – we got you covered.

Why join our courses? Our Courses are on Fire

We Love the Dance

We are passionate about Cuban Salsa. We’ve been dancing, studying Cuban dances and developing our art for years – and we never stop. We hope that we can pass this passion on to our students.


Our Teachers are professional dancers and were trained to teach. We care about the teaching method just as much as the material. We want you to reach your full potential and know how to get you there.

No Mysteries

We believe the path to dancing great stems from knowledge. There are no mysteries in La Candela’s classes. You will receive full details of each movement and every step to dance like a pro.


Our Salsa program has 25+ year of continuous honing.
Each course is carefully planned to be interesting and with a scaling challenge. We always bring something new to push our dancers one step forward.

Equal Interest

We make sure that each class has 50/50 interest for women and men – from basics to master level classes, you will always learn something new in our classes.

Community & Fun

We strive to create a friendly atmosphere and a connected community. You will get to know new friends, and dance together in class, parties & international festivals.

Plus, we are all mega fun teachers 😉

What some of our students say…

La Candela is the best dance school ever. The dance teacher Ido and his team are not only fantastic dancers but also have a great talent for explaining techniques down to the smallest detail without being overwhelming. They always meet you at eye level and also convey a lot of love and vitality for the salsa culture and for each other.

La Candela is a gem. Highly professional teaching mixed with a light-hearted atmosphere, humor, and character. I’d recommend La Candela to anyone who wants to learn how to dance salsa for real, immerse themselves in a vibrant and warm community, and have a ton of fun along the way. Do yourself a favor and just do it.
~ Kristina

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