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Are you interested in Salsa teaching? Are you already an experienced Salsa teacher? Let us know

La Candela is a small school by choice, and we work only with teachers that show great potential or have a lot of enthusiasm and knowledge of Salsa Cubana and Cuban dances. We can also help you get there and help you in your way to become a great teacher. If you have the will and/or experience you could join our team and become part of the best.

Teaching Program

We have a high appreciation for the teaching profession. For us, the road from being a great dancer to teaching is not immediate and requires a process of learning and mentoring. Every person is different so we are likely to meet you and offer tailor-made teacher training depending on the case.

The essential parts of the training include:
  • Teaching methodology.
  • La Candela’s methodology and program for Salsa teaching.
  • Teaching practice and a continuous improvement cycle through highly detailed feedback.
  • Training to improve your dance skills along with both your leading and following skills.
  • Full support and mentoring throughout your teaching career in La Candela.

Indications you are ready for teaching

Below are indications you might be ready to be a teacher in La Candela. These are not strict requirements, everyone can have strengths and weak points, and we can help you develop and become a great teacher.

  • You have at least 3 years of experience dancing Salsa.
  • You have taken classes constantly for at least two years.
  • You are familiar with at least two of the following dances: Rumba, Son, Orishas, Reggaeton, Contemporary dance, Ballet or Hip-Hop.
  • You have Master level skills in Salsa dancing in your predominant role, and at least intermediate dance skill in the other role (leader/follower).
  • You are curious about Cuban culture, Cuban dances, and Dance theory in general.
  • You never stop taking workshops and commonly look for opportunities to learn. ( for example Festival workshops / Workshops or dance programs with internationally renowned schools or teacher / advanced training in Cuba)
  • You possess some of the virtues that benefit teachers: Charisma, Friendliness, Empathie, Analytical approach, verbose clear, and concise speech.
  • Previous teaching experience is a bonus but not mandatory. If you do have the experience, a willingness to learn and adapt to our teaching methodology and Salsa teaching methodology is important. (We are also happy to learn from your experiences and maybe adapt our program but our methodology has 25+ years of experience work behind it.)

The Mentor

Ido Flaishon

Ido Flaishon

Ido is teaching Salsa and Cuban dances for over a decade. He is a certified teacher by Latingate school in Israel and continued to hone his skills in both dance and teaching methodologies throughout the years. He is the head of the Salsayo project and writer of Teaching methodologies for Latin dance teacher

Ido is committed to details and continuous feedback-improvement mentoring and loves to pass his passion and dedication to higher forms of the dance to the future generation of dancers and teachers.

More on Ido

I am an experienced teacher and just want to join the school

We are honored that you chose to teach with us, please contact us and we can talk about how we can cooperate.

Please note that depending on your past experience we might still require you to go through parts of our mentoring system.

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