Dance, for us, is where where we let our body flow with expression with no inhabition and become one with the music and our partner.

La Candela started its operations in Berlin in early 2018 by Ido Flaishon, a veteran dancer and teacher in Europe (dancing and teaching since 2008). Our focus is Salsa Cubana & Cuban dances. The school has two main purposes, the first is to make Salsa accessible for anyone and to allow each and every dancer to acquire a solid technique in Salsa so that they could become great dancers over time if they choose to, and the second is to allow more experienced dancers to delve deeper into the art and learn to dance what we consider to be the higher form of the dance that includes incorporating the variety of Cuban dances, dance with expression, musicality, passion, and to create a connection with your dance partner.

Three things that are distinguishing our school:

We do our best to distinguish ourselves with our teaching methodology. Our teachers, in addition to being great dancers, are also professionally trained teachers, and you will quickly realize that classes can be both fun and didactical at the same time.

We strongly believe in a closed group format, and most of our activities are done in 8-weeks long format. It requires a little bit of dedication from our students, but you will get so much more this time.

By joining La Candela you join a holistic school, it’s not just classes, we will take you on an adventure. It’s in how we communicate, it’s in our embracing & inclusive student community, it’s in the parties and festivals we take you to, in the pizza we go for after class, and in the passion we share for the dance.

What our students say

I’m learning with Ido and Maria for years now and it is surprising how rich and always new are their programs, how much passion to teach they have every time, and how important it is for them that we understand techniques, styling, and meaning for each dance. I’m sure I will go on and on with their classes.

La Candela is the best dance school ever. The dance teacher Ido and his team are not only fantastic dancers but also have a great talent for explaining techniques down to the smallest detail without being overwhelming. They always meet you at eye level and also convey a lot of love and vitality for the salsa culture and for each other.

La Candela is a gem. Highly professional teaching mixed with a light-hearted atmosphere, humor, and character. I’d recommend La Candela to anyone who wants to learn how to dance salsa for real, immerse themselves in a vibrant and warm community, and have a ton of fun along the way. Do yourself a favor and just do it.
~ Kristina

La Candela lets you dive into a whole new world, where you discover new talents, have loads of fun, and meet amazing people that – at least by the end of the course – will all share a new passion: dancing salsa!
~ Bastian