Afro Cuban Dances

Cuba’s richness is due largely to the influence of dance culture coming from Africa. Some of the evolved versions of these dances became part of the Afro-Cuban Folklore dances. These dances are beautiful, and full of cultural context. They are also a great challenge for any dancer as they often require coordination and body movement with a unique flavor.

The dances are beautiful on their own, but they are also highly influential to what Salsa is today. Nowadays both musicians and dancers take inspiration from the music and the dance of the Afro-Cuban Folklore. Salsa dancers often answer the right music with the beautiful movement of one dance or another.

Every class will have a different focus and could focus on one or more of the dances. These dances can include: Orishas, Congo dances, Haiti dances and more.

Who is it for?

The classes are open level at the moment. No previous experience is needed in any dance. That said, Afro-Cuban dances are a bit of a challenge when it comes to coordination and body movement, so some comfort in dance is recommended.

If Salsa is your first dance, six months of practice is recommended at least.

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