Agnita Januskeviciute

Agnita started her dancing journey in 2012. She has learned with multiple teachers and dance schools in Scotland, Lithuania, and Berlin, and studied under many Cuban teachers across Europe & Cuba. She has been part of La Candela from its very early days and later joined the ranks of teachers in 2021.

Before her first classes as a student herself, having believed that she was born with two left feet, she is a living example that with work and enthusiasm we all can become great dancers and enrich our lives through this wonderful activity.

Agnita is our Lady styling expert and she moves beautifully with class and sensual flavor.

What do you enjoy most as a dancer?

This is a difficult question to answer as it would make a whole article. There are so many things – psychological, philosophical, and physical. However, if I had to single out one thing at the moment ( it changes over time) it would be witnessing my own progress. Seeing my own continuous progress and knowing that today I am able to do what a couple of months ago I couldn’t in terms of movement & technique, brings me a very pleasant sense of accomplishment.

What do you love most about teaching?

I love seeing people having fun in La Candela classes and a smile on their faces. I love hearing and seeing how dancing can change and transform people’s lives. It is amazing to see people forming friendships and strong bonds with each other through dance.

What is your secret sauce in dancing?

Musicality, connection, elegance.

Do you have any other passions aside from dancing?

Some more some less loosely held interests – drawing, discovering new music, playing piano, guitar, singing, psychology. Deep personal conversations.