Body Movement and Isolation Course

True dancing comes through expression, and expression is fully possible only when the body becomes your instrument to play with. This course will deal exactly with that – with our body as our instrument for dancing. What parts can be moved? In which ways can we move these parts? How can we make the movement clean and expressive?

We will get to know our body, and its different parts then test what movements our wondrous body offers us. We will work on improving the quality of our movement & isolation based on your individual ability.

To put into practice each lesson we will perform a series of exercises that will challenge our acquired skills. These challenges will also let you practice or introduce you to many various sub-dances of salsa from Afrocuban dances to contemporary dance, salsa, traditional dances, reggaeton, and more…

Who is it for?

Body movement is a journey that can begin anytime and doesn’t have an end. Therefore the course can be done at any level or experience in

Beginners who have limited experience with dance or movement might find this course challenging. But it can still be useful to introduce yourself to some of the base isolation and start to work with your body.

Intermediate / Advanced dancers or people with previous dance experience will be able to absorb better the material. You’ll get to know different isolations and challenge yourself to apply them.

Dancers with more experience might still learn some free new isolation, they can work with the feedback to perfect their isolation and work on higher-level isolation. We could also present variations to our exercises that will push you one level further.

The course is intended for both men and women, most exercises will be unisex with a couple of touches that might be different for lady style or men’s style.

Even though the underlying subjects are Salsa and Cuban dances, body movement and isolation are general topics and might be appropriate for all kinds of dancers.

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