Free Online Class – Salsa Solo

Let’s have some fun in the quarantine. Ido will give you two Salsa Solo classes. After the classes, we could stay to talk a bit, and for questions and answer if you want.

The classes will be given on Thursday the 17th of December between 19:00 and 21:00. Registration is required.

  • Beginner level (19:00) – If you have taken 3 – 8 classes this should be great for you. But also if you want an easy entry into Salsa Solo.
  • Open level (20:00) – a bit of a higher level choreo, but a good challenge for everyone.
  • Optional Q&A – If you have any questions regarding our activities or something you were wondering about dance or whatever feel free 🙂

The classes are free of charge for bringing you a smile at these times, however, donations are welcome and help us deal with the ongoing rental costs. You can make a donation via PayPal or transfers to IBAN: DE45100110012621229131.