Melina Garcin

Melina started dancing at a very young age and went through different styles, modern jazz, ballet, contemporary dance, locking, Cuban salsa (incl. Rueda), Porto Rican salsa, Kizomba, Bachata, Rumba, Afro Cuban dances, etc. Melina has been dancing Cuban Salsa since 2011, starting in France, and continuing in Switzerland, Belgium, and Germany. She has been learning and studying throughout the years with many different teachers from Cuba and dove deeper into the Cuban folklore and culture, which fascinate her. Through her background in different types of dances, Melina loves mixing up styles and is always keen to learn and practice something new.

Melina joined the ranks of teachers in La Candela around 2021. “Dancing brings balance, joy, and also sweat into our life 😉 While dancing, you get to forget about anything else.”