Ido is the prime teacher and the owner of La Candela. He has been dancing and teaching Cuban Salsa since 2008. He is a certified teacher by the top school for Cuban Salsa in Israel – Latingate. He developed his knowledge and skills studying with several Cuban Teachers in Israel and Europe, and expanded his knowledge of the Cuban culture and dances even further by practicing with the Folklore Group “Conjunto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba” in Havana, Cuba. In Israel, he was teaching as a senior teacher in “Latingate” and instructed in regular classes, workshops, and festivals. In Berlin he opened La Candela in order to allow advanced dancers to take one step further. Currently, he is himself a student of Classical Ballet and researching ways to fuse Ballet technique into Salsa Cubana.

Additionally, he created and owns the Salsayo project which acts internationally as the number one source encyclopedia for Cuban Salsa moves.

Ido is an avid salsa dancer with a passion for social dancing stressing personal connection, clean movement, musicality, and deep knowledge of the Cuban culture and dances. His teaching style is known for being very methodological and detailed. He teaches Cuban salsa at all levels, folkloric dances, traditional Cuban dances, body movement, and newer fusions such as Reggaeton and Salsa-Hip-Hop fusions.

Notable Certifications & education:

  • Certified Salsa teacher by Latingate class 2011
  • Certified Son Moderno teacher by Danger & Yunaisy.
  • Intensively trained in Afro Cuban dances with Conjunto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba in Havana under the tutelage of Miriam Izquierdo.
  • His notable Cuban teachers among others: Miriam Izquierdo, Richard Dancer, Nano Manuel Hecheverria, Danger & Yunaisy, Yorgenis Danger Garcia.
  • Head of the Salsayo project – The International Salsa Cubana Figure Encyclopedia

Maria Teresa Chietera

Maria started studying Cuban Salsa in 2005 passing from different schools in northern Italy and since then she never stopped dancing. For several years she took part in competitions of a regional and national level and she performed in shows as a member of the New Style Dance Rueda group. Over the years she went on investing in her big passion for attending a number of international dance Festivals.
Since when she moved to Berlin she has been collaborating on a famous project as a salsa teacher and worked as an assistant in La Candela since the very first moment it was born.

Maria is an enthusiastic Mediterranean soul, believing in dancing as a form of self-expression and connection opportunity. Her teaching style is fun she will make you feel at ease.

  • Certified La Candela Salsa Teacher
  • Certified Son Moderno teacher by Danger & Yunaisy.