Timba Partnerwork

The way Salsa Cubana is danced in the international community evolved over the years. Nowadays many dancers prefer to dance with a simple structure and more focus on styling, connection, and a deeper understanding of the music. Originally Timba was denoting the Cuban Salsa music, but today many say “I dance Timba”

For more information on what is Timba you can this article.

Our Timba Partnerwork classes are normally meant to challenge La Candela’s who want to spice their dance and dance in a more contemporary way. In a typical class we mix between a stylish figure, musicality, solo dancing, and using Afro-Cuban dances.

Who is it for?

The minimum requirement knowledge is La Candela’s Intermediate level. Coming from another school, you’d want to have at least 6-10 months of salsa classes before joining our Timba classes.

In case you were not part of previous La Candela courses, the main elements you are expected to know are listed below:

You are also expected to be comfortable with the circular nature of the dance. Understanding the concept of flow and having little experience with styling / solo dancing is not fully required, but can help.

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