Rumba Guaguanco

The Dance

Rumba Guaguanco is an Afrocuban folkloric dance that has highly influenced both the salsa music and the Cuban salsa dance. The dance depicts a mating ritual between a man and a woman, where the man tries to impress his lady partner and the woman fends off the flirtation yet keep flirtatious herself. This style of dance incorporates a lot of body movement, steps, and a theatrical approach to dancing.  Once learned the dance enriches any salsa dance, general dancing abilities, and the understanding of Cuba’s culture and music.

The course

The course includes 8 lessons, each going through key subjects and a Rumba routine to practice. Often we will end a training session with an incorporating the routine into salsa or in a Rumba social to build confidence.

07.2.18 – Rumba Basics I & Body movement practice
14.2.18 – Rumba Basics II
21.2.18 – Rumba Basics III & Steps Connections
28.2.18 – Intermediate Rumba routine
07.3.18 – Advanced styling
14.3.18 – Practical Rumba & Theatrical mimics
21.3.18 – Salsa con Rumba
28.3.18 – Advanced Rumba routine II

  • The order of the classes and content is subject to change.

The Details

Time: 8 Weekly meetings, Wednesdays 20:00-21:30, starting at the 07.2.18
Location: First Floor Studio – Prenzlauer Promenade 189, 13189 Berlin
Course Price:  105 Euro.
Drop-ins Price: 15 Euro per lesson.
Promoter Discount: If you bring 2 new students – 25% off, 3 new student – 50% off, 5 new students – free of charge.

  • The number of participants is limited, if you want to ensure your place please sign up in advance.
  • The course will open with a minimum of eight participants.

Also, you can check out the Facebook event for updates.

Who is it for?

The course starts from the very beginning and builds up to advanced material. Both men and women are welcome and no prior knowledge is needed. The salsa con Rumba lesson and short parts of some lessons require some basic knowledge of salsa.

Advanced dancers can contact me in order to understand the relevance of the classes respective to their level. Generally, I believe that going over basics once again is recommend as the basic steps have many layers to it, and can often be polished and improved even after years of dancing.

Why is the course so long? / I cannot commit to all period

This particular course allows drop-ins. However, this is a concern I hear a lot in Berlin and I’d like to address it. As a teacher, it is important to me to see that my lessons have contributed to my students. One time workshops are not very effective, and for that reason, I highly encourage signing up for the whole course. The course also builds up a knowledge base, so while drop-ins are welcome, I cannot guarantee to go through previously learned material more that is reasonable for someone that attends the entire course.

Sign up

To sign up or for any question, You can contact me through email or via phone 01763-444-9686