Rumba Guaguanco

The Dance

Rumba Guaguanco is an Afrocuban folkloric dance and music style that capture the heart and soul of the Cuban street. It also has great importance within the Cuban repertoire and has highly influenced both the salsa music and the Cuban salsa dance.

The dance depicts a mating ritual between a man and a woman, where the man tries to impress his lady partner and the woman fends off the flirtation yet keeps flirtatious herself. This style of dance incorporates a lot of body movement, steps, and a theatrical approach to dancing. 

Once learned the dance enriches any salsa dance, general dancing abilities, and the understanding of Cuba’s culture and music. If you let the dance get into your soul it might even touch you in unpredictable ways, giving confidence in authentic expressions, and assertive playfulness with our sexuality and attraction.

The Dance

The course includes 8 lessons, each going through key subjects and a Rumba routine to practice. Often we will end a training session with an incorporating the routine into salsa or in a Rumba social to build confidence.

During the first three classes, we will go through the most common steps in Rumba Guaguanco. We will explain the steps, posture, and body movement in great detail, give you plenty of time to practice the steps, and move freely.

In the rest of the classes, we will focus on a practical approach to Rumba. Our intention is to give you the confidence to dance Rumba when the Rumba comes – so no Choreographies, only live dancing and different elements to practice. We will also give focus occasionally on expression and mimics which is an inseparable part of Rumba.

One special class will focus on Salsa con Rumba, so you’ll be able to incorporate what you have learned into Salsa as well, as nowadays many many Salsa songs have Rumba sections in them.

27.07.22 – Rumba Basics I & Body movement practice
03.08.22 – Rumba Basics II
10.08.22 – Rumba Basics III & Steps Connections
17.08.22 – Elements & live practice 
24.08.22 – Elements & live practice
31.08.22 – Expression workshop & Practical Tips 07.09.22 – Salsa con Rumba
14.09.22 – Elements & live practice

Who is it for?

The course starts from the very beginning and builds up to intermediate level (in Rumba) material. Both men and women are welcome and no prior knowledge is needed. The salsa con Rumba lesson requires some basic knowledge of salsa.

Advanced dancers will get a chance to polish their moves, and learn deeper layers of the dance and technique.

The Teacher

Ido Will be the main teacher for the course. We might have guest teachers joining us for some classes.

Ido Flaishon

Ido Flaishon

Ido is an avid Cuban Salsa and Folklore dancer. He started learning in Israel and continued his dancing educations with Cuban teachers in Europe and Cuba. Ido has been teaching for over 10 years and and is known as a teacher with an eye for the details. He will provide you with a good technique while keeping it fun and casual. (more info here)


8 Weekly Meetings
Wednesdays 27/07-14/09


Full Course
120 Euro (until 03/07/22)
130 Euro (until 20/07/22)
140 Euro
5 Classes Package
80 Euro (until 03/07/22)
86 Euro (until 20/07/22)
92 Euro
Drop In
20 Euro per Class
* Available discounts below

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  • The course will open with a minimum of nine participants. In the case it doesn’t open, a full refund will be given.
  • Cancellation Policy

Available Discounts

“Bring Your Friends” Discount: If you bring 2 new students – 25% off, 3 new students – 50% off, 5 new students – free of charge. Credit can apply to other La Candela activities.

Student Discount: 10% off. A valid student card should be shown.

Multiple Courses Discount: if you take more than one course in La Candela at the same time you could receive a substantial discount. Please contact us for more info.

Previous Discount: If you took a similar introductory course in Rumba in La Candela you are welcome to a 35% discount.

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